Meet Unwind – the next generation stress ball. Unwind is a snug handheld device designed to reduce stress with a comforting pulse and calm light. Our device is here to give you the confidence and comfort you need to accomplish what you know you are capable of. Anxiety, stress, and nervousness are no longer in your way. With Unwind, mindfulness becomes tangible.

About Unwind

A soft silicone shell surrounds a calming pulse and light.

Holding Unwind gives a tangible sense of calm.

Lower your stress and anxiety.

Unwind can be used during any kind of stressful or challenging situation. Whether you are a student dealing with the pressures of school, a professional preparing for an important presentation, or someone wanting to be grounded in the moment, Unwind can provide the tangible calm you need.


Inside Unwind

The current prototype is made of soft silicone and contains 4 key electronic components – an induction coil, an led, a vibration motor, and a pressure sensor. It is easy to use – simply squeeze it to turn it on and off, and change between the 2 modes.


Lower your stress in a heartbeat.

Rhythm has been shown to affect emotional states. Studies have linked high excitement with increased heart rate, whereas a calmer state is associated with a lower heart rate. With the comforting pulse of a heartbeat, Unwind can help you calm.



Studies have shown that feeling a slow, rhythmic pulse, has a significant calming effect in socially stressful situations. In Unwind's second state a light feature is added to the vibration. As the light slowly fades in and out, you can sync your breathing to the light.



Subtlety is a crucial factor in the space of mental health, and Unwind can be invisible as it easily slips into a pocket or backpack. We hope Unwind’s versatility can destigmatize anxiety by allowing users to access our product in public and private spaces without inconveniencing themselves or those around them.

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our story

25% of teenagers in the US, 6.3 million people, are diagnosed with an anxiety disorder and 100% of teens around the world experience stress. Every member of our team has first hand experience with this issue, and we see daily how debilitating stress can be. To combat this problem, we have designed the next generation of a stress ball, Unwind.

Built from a variety of talents and interests, our 7 member team comes together to participate in the design thinking method and approach to product development. We are a group of only women who pride ourselves in our abilities and individual talents. Our expertise include prototyping, scientific research, programming, and marketing, enabling us to build off of one another's strengths.