About Us

We are dedicated to helping those with stress and anxiety through developing Unwind. We would love to hear from you!

Email: hello@unwind.design

Meet Our Team

While we have different specialties and responsibilities for our product, we contribute and help each other with every aspect of Unwind. While developing Unwind, we have learned valuable skills with the aid of our community.

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Morgan T

I am a junior, the co-lead of Unwind, and the head of product development. I joined Unwind to explore my interest in product design, engineering, marketing, and management through the lense of a social good project.

Katya P

I am a junior passionate about biology, data analytics, and fabrication. I am the co-lead of Unwind, where my primary roles are to manage our team and program the code for our product. I also work on the design and engineering aspects of our project.

Alice E

I am a junior interested in design and fabrication. I love building, designing, and creating and I support unwind with product development. I spend time in our iLab to help create new design and prototype iterations.

Alice G

I love exploring design and visual arts. At Unwind, I designed and wrote html/CSS for the website and made various marketing assets, photos, and designs.

Anouschka B

I am a 9th grader interested in design and humanities. For Unwind, I help with research, product development, and design.

Hanna Z

I am a junior interested in biology and humanities. My primary role in Unwind is to conduct scientific, user studies and collect evidence that shows the calming effects of using our product.