About Us

We are dedicated to helping those with stress and anxiety through developing Unwind. We would love to hear from you!

Email: hello@unwind.design

Meet Our Team

While we have different specialties and responsibilities for our product, we contribute and help each other with every aspect of Unwind. While developing Unwind, we have learned valuable skills with the aid of our community.

Unwind was founded in 2017 by Emma Dulski, currently a student at Swarthmore College.

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Anouschka B

I am a junior deeply interested in the visual arts and humanities. I am the team lead of Unwind, where I work on product design, prototyping, outreach and applications, and overseeing our team. Outside of school, I love reading, creative writing, and spending time in nature.

Katya P

I am a freshman at UC Berkeley, intending to major in CS/Biology. I have been a part of Unwind from its early beginnings, as a team lead, programmer, product designer, pitch presenter, and engineer. I plan to continue Unwind and help develop our product through college. Outside of academics I enjoy ballet, being out in nature, and reading.

Romola C

I am a junior, and am passionate about research, computational biology, and data analytics. At Unwind, I primarily work on product development, manufacturing, and design. I also helped design and facilitate the unwind user testing protocol. Outside of school, I am interested in the literary arts, baking, and spending time with my family.

Alice G

I am a senior who loves art and design and hopes to use my skills to help make a positive difference in the world. At Unwind, I programmed and designed our website and currently work on graphic design needs, but also help with CAD and the overall design of our product. I’m looking forward to helping with manufacturing and creating a more polished end product! Outside of the visual arts, I love history and the social sciences.

Zandra F

I am a junior curious about engineering, product design, and sciences. For Unwind, I am helping with manufacturing and product development. On the side, I love fencing and reading.

Adrienne P

I am a junior interested in design thinking, entrepreneurship, and community service. In the past I have been involved in two products related to education, where I gained experience with user research/interviews, brainstorming, prototyping, and pitching. On Unwind I have been helping with manufacturing and I’m looking forward to testing our product with more users!

Hanna Z

I am a freshman at Columbia University, intending to major in Economics. Over the past few years on Unwind, I have served as the Director of Outreach and helped initiate user testing and manufacturing. I hope to continue supporting Unwind’s growth, especially as we take our product to market.