About Unwind

The device is made of soft silicone, with 4 key electronic components inside – an induction coil, an led, a vibration motor, and a pressure sensor. It is easy to use. To change the mode – just flip it! With a simple flip you can switch between its two states.

Two States

In the first state, you will feel a vibration, mimicking a calm heartbeat. Studies have shown that feeling a slow, rhythmic pulse, has a significant calming effect in socially stressful situations. In the second state a light feature is added to the vibration. As the light slowly fades in and out, you can sync your breathing to the light. We’ve also built in a wireless charging capability, making Unwind convenient for everyday use.

What Can it Do?

Unwind can be used during any kind of stressful or challenging situation. Whether you are a student dealing with the pressures of school, a professional preparing for an important presentation, or someone wanting to be grounded in the moment, Unwind can provide the tangible calm you need.